Soba / Udon

Good Soba and Udon restaurants are here. As I mention in “Tamaruya(wasabi)” page, our air and water are clean. That produces good food!

Tsumuraya soba restaurant is located in “Takajyo” area, which is now known as rich people’s area. It’s close from Sunpu Park. But originally,” Takajyo” is the name of a title of position in Edo era. And many “Takajyos” used to live in this area, and now the place is called after them.
Their building would remind you of Japanese castles(it’s not that big of course). It’s really a traditional looking place, so you should go and just see it. Inside of the restaurant, there’s very classic living room area that Japanese old houses used to have back in the days. For their Soba, they use Soba flour produced in Shizuoka. They make fresh Soba noodles everyday there.

Since you’re in Shizuoka, I would recommend to have “Fukuwauchi”(combos of cold soba) or “Oniwasoto”(combos of hot soba), which includes several different kinds of soba. Deep fried Sakuraebi(small shrimp) soba is one of them and that’s one of our specialties. 



Open-Close11am-8:30pm(Wednesdays till 3:39pm)
Closed on Thursdays, and some national holidays.
Address2-13-17 Takajyo, Aoi-ku, Shizuoka-shi, Shizuoka-ken, Japan, 420-0839
AccessApprox.10min walk from Shizuoka st. Or 5min walk from Hiyoshicho st. See the map.
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