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SENGEN Jinjya(shrine)
IMG_2961Shizuoka Sengen Shrine is located in the north of the downtown area of Shizuoka. It’s walking distance from the downtown area. It’s a collaborative shrine of three different Shinto shrines, which means “you get to see three different types of historical shrine buildings and and more related buildings at one place!” They’re waiting for you! 

Just walk up the “Sengen dori” (old shopping street). You will see a big, red, Torii(Shinto gateway) at the end of the street. Yes, that’s the gate for Shizuoka Sengen Shrine! And, there’s also another Tori on the eastern side of the shrine. If you come from “Hase dori”(another old shopping street), you’ll then see another Torii. This one is “white”! The red one is made of wood, and the white one is made of stone. It’s interesting to see them both.

IMG_2979 Then, there’s an another gate inside of the Torii. This one is inspiring, but don’t get inspired yet. You’re one more gate away from the beautiful main buildingWhen you go through those gates, you will find a place with water running at the either the red or white gate. It’s the place where you purify yourself before worshiping by rinsing your mouth and washing your hands. After you do so, now, you’re finally ready go inside and get inspired! See the video blow for more beautiful pics.


Sengen Jinjya(shrine)
ClosedThey don't know, but I've never seen the gates closed.
Address102-1 Miyagasaki, Aoi-ku, Shizuoka-shi, Shizuoka-ken, Japan, 420-0868 
AccessBus:JR Shizuoka st. Bus terminal @9 take "Abe-line"(any bus of #109 to 114, #116,118, or 119) , or @10 "Ando Jyunkan line"(#1 or 2), Get off at "Akadorii Sengenjinjya Iriguchi". Approx 8 min ride. 190yen/adult 100yen/Child
Admission FeeIt's free if you just go in there. (But you need a few coins, like 5 yen coins to throw into the offering boxes.)
NoteSengen Shrine Website



GOKOKU Jinjya (Shrine)

This path leads you to the main building, Hondo.

I thought this GOKOKU Shrine is one of the most beautiful shrines in Shizuoka. When you go there, you’ll probably feel the same as I did. It was such a peaceful place, quiet, and time passes by so slowly and peacefully. 

It’s quit huge shrine and they are almost located in a small forest. First you enter the gate and walk through the green, quiet forest, then you’ll find the gate in the pic on the left, you are finally there. Beside the gate, there’s this sign.
Gokoku Shrine Shizuoka Japan
It says, “This is the shrine and forest that worship our ancestors who died during the war as gods.” It also says that gods love the peace, and asking us to show our gratitude when worshiping in front of the shrine.  This is nothing to do with war between countries. I would like you to feel that we all are thankful to be here. And feel the peace that we are all here on the earth.

GOKOKU Jinjya(shrine)
ClosedI've never seen the gates closed.
Address366 Yunoki, Aoi-ku, Shizuoka-shi, Shizuoka-ken, Japan, 420-0821 
AccessTrain: Get on Shizutetsu train from Shin-Shizuoka, get off at Yunoki st. Then 5 min walk from there. 120yen/adult, 60yen/child
Taxi: JR Shizuoka st. 10min ride
Walk: Approx. 10 min walk from JR Higashi Shizuoka st.
Admission FeeIt's free if you just go in there. (But you need a few coins, like 5 yen coins to throw into the offering boxes.)



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