Maid Cafe

Maid cafe (Kissa) is really popular among some people, and even overseas, there are some countries that have Maid Cafes. “Akihabara” in Tokyo is the place where these Maid cafes were originally born at. But here in Shizuoka, you can also experience what it would like to be served by Maids!!

There is a Maid Cafe in Shizuoka city, on the edge of the downtown area. It’s located close from Cenova and 109. They have some cute and pretty maids (you can see their pics on their website.)
It is a cafe, so they serve drinks(non alcohol) and foods. Basically, you 90mins to stay there with 2,500yen. One drink is included. You get to do some Jyanken games with the maids. If you want a specific maid there, you get to pick one by paying extra 1,000yen for 15min.

They have Onigiri(rice balls), spaghetti, some original menus and desserts. Maid cafe’s been a part of Japanese subculture, so it might be a good experience to visit there, from the cultural learning point of view.

MAIDOLL(Maid Cafe)
Open-Close12pm-11pm(Closed on Tuesdays)
Address2F Riberute Hirano, 9-15 Tenma-cho, Aoi-ku, Shizuoka-shi, Shizuoka-ken, Japan, 420-0858
AccessWalking distance from Shi-Shizuoka st. or JR Shizuoka st.
NoteMaidoll Website