Uogashi SUSHI(Tachigui)

Shimizu SUSHI Yoko-cho

Sushi,japanesesushi,sushiyokocho,shimizu,s-pulse,restaurant,japan,sashimi,Shimizu SUSHI Yoko-cho(street) is located in S-PULSE dream plaza, a shopping mall in Shimizu-ku. You can shop souvenirs there and also eat “Sushi” there. At Shimizu SUSHI Yoko-cho, they have about 10 different kinds of Sushi restaurants, so all you have to do is just choose a place to eat at.
They have nice SUSHI restaurants where you get to sit at the counter and see the chiefs make Sushi right in front of you. Or if you’re out of budget, in case you spent too much for the souvenirs, then you can go to the Sushi-go-around. (or it could be a good idea to buy some to-go-Sushi, and take them outside on the deck if it’s nice out.)

Most of the places have those food samples displayed in front of the restaurants. They would help you to decide which restaurants to go in. And also make sure their price ranges, too. You probably will have such a hard time deciding which place to go, because they all are great!!



Shimizu SUSHI Yoko-cho(@1st floor of S-PULSE Dream Plaza)
Open11am-9pm(10pm during new years holidays, Golden Week, Summer )holidays
ClosedThey're open all year long!
Address13-15 Irifune-cho, Shimizu-ku, Shizuoka-shi, Shizuoka-ken, Japan 424-0942
AccessFree shuttle bus from JR Shimizu station and Shin-Shimizu station(Shizutetsu train)
NoteThey have huge parking space. The first hour is free, then you get discount depends on how much you spent there. Go to the information desk for more details.
Sushi Yokocho Website


Uogashi SUSHI (Tachigui)
 sushi,Uogashi,restaurant,sashimi,ricebowl,shizuoka,japan,standingsushibar,Uogashi SUSHI” is a popular Sushi restaurants in Shizuoka. Since they serve great Sushi, they have some branches outside of Shizuoka prefecture as well. They serve authentic Sushi yet at reasonable prices compare to those counter bar Sushi restaurants. The fish they use are  directly from Numazu fishing port, Suruga bay, (the bay surrounds Shizuoka), so imagine how fresh they are! What I like about their Sushi is that their ingredients are bigger than other places.

And you know what, they have “Stand-up-eating Sushi” restaurant! There are several Uogashi Sushi in Shizuoka, but I guess this is the only stand-up style restaurant in Shizuoka. This place is located in Shizuoka station building. This is gonna be a new experience for you to eat Sushi without sitting on a chair! And you can order whatever you want over the counter one by one. OR you can eat at next door. The next door is also Uogashi SUSHI restaurant where you can sit at the table. (the normal style). So I think those branches at the station are convenient location for you to visit.

Uogashi SUSHI (Tachigui)
Open-Close11am-10:30pm(9:30pm last call)
AddressAsti Nishi-kan, JR Shizuoka station, 47 Kurogane-cho, Aoi-ku, Shizuoka-shi, Shizuoka-ken, Japan, 420-0851
AccessGo to JR Shizuoka station, they are there! The restaurants and stores area on the first floor called "Asti" is where they're located in.
NoteThere's also their store that sells to-go Sushi at "Shokuhin-kan" area.
Uogashi Website