“Izakaya” is a type of casual restaurant where people go to eat and drink. It’s the one you go when you feel like drinking mostly. Their foods are relatively reasonable in general. Some places offer “all-you-can-drink (or eat)” menus at a reasonable price. But if you go to a nice Izakaya, it might not be the same. There are so many chain Izakaya restaurants all around!


This is not a “Izakaya” type of place. (if any of you from Aoi beer is reading this post, no offense! I just wanted to introduce you as one of Shizuoka’s popular beer place!!) But it’s a stylish and new type of beer stand.

“Aoi Beer” is Shizuoka’s local brand craft beer brewed at their own brewery, Aoi Brewing, which is the first brewery in Shizuoka city opened in 2014. And Aoi Beer Stand the standing bar run by them. The basis of their logo design is the family crest of Ieyasu Tokugawa who had chosen Shizuoka as his retreat after retirement of a general.

They have several different kinds of craft beer, pale, golden, Stout, Weizen and so on. They also sometime serve limited time kind.

So, their beer is only available in Shizuoka. Aoi Beer Stand is actually packed with people even on weekdays. There aren’t many space there, but make sure you grab a glass or two before you leave. This is something you can drink only in Shizuoka!! It’s located quite close from JR Shizuoka station.

Address1F Denbil, 4-6 Miyuki-cho, Aoi-ku, Shizuoka-shi, Shizuoka-ken, Japan, 420-0857
AccessWalk straight to the north from JR Shizuoka station on Miyukicho st. You'll see it on your left on corner of the first intersection.
NoteAoi Brewing Website