Since Shizuoka is surrounded by the ocean, it’s a great place to try Ramen with seafood based stock soup. However, it’s all up to you which Ramen places you are going to. You may wanna try all of them!

Sugai (Konya-cho ten)

I love “Sugai”s Ramen!! Their Ramen is pork-bone-stock base, “Tonkotsu”. Believe or not, I don’t usually eat pork meat, I just don’t like it. BUT Sugai‘s Ramen is now one of my favorite. (I still don’t eat pork though.) It doesn’t have strong yucky pork flavor at all. If you’ve ever eaten any “Tonkotsu” Ramen, you’d know that some “Tonkotsu” Ramens have such strong pork smell, which I can never eat. But I really want you to try their “Tonkotsu”. It’s so different. 

The soup is beautiful white. It’s rich and creamy yet not too richy. It’s such a simple Ramen that doesn’t have much toppings as you can see in this pic, some green onions, Kikurage (cloud ear mushroom←interesting texture), a slice of Cha-shu (roasted pork), and a sheet of Nori (seaweed). The noodle is kind of thin. The best timing to eat Sugai‘s Ramen is after you are done with drinking, late at night. (they’re open till late) It tastes even better than when you sober. (not because you’re drunk, it’s because their Ramen is excellent!!) And you might wanna try their “Maguro don” as well. It’s fresh row Tuna rice bowl. It’s kind of interesting that Ramen place has such a menu. But, Yes, you’re in Shizuoka. We have fresh seafood.

SUGAI (Konya-cho ten)
Open-CloseMon-Thu:11am-2:30pm & 6pm-2am
Fri-Sat:1am-2:30pm & 6pm-3am
Address1F 5-12 Konya-cho, Aoi-ku, Shizuoka-shi, Shizuoka-ken, Japan, 420-0031
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