Toro Ruins


Agricultural village in Japan used to look like this.

This isn’t merely a historical place, but it goes way back to about 2,000 years ago, in Yayoi era. The Toro ruins shows that there used to be an agricultural village existed here. Shizuoka city have first found the ruins in 1943, then they have excavated and researched more after the Pacific War.


Fire place, bedroom, dining, kitchen and living room are all in this one room.

They have found the ruins of houses, storehouses, and also farming tools such as spatula, stone knives. Now they are restored in this place, so you can see how the village used to look like.

You can even go into the house. (I was a bit scared though. Of course inside is so dark, no lights in Yayoi period!) Please step inside of the house, you’ll see and feel how people used to live there.

The Toro Ruins were designated as a National Special Historic site in 1953. It’s a nice park and totally free. (But they close the doors of the houses after 4:30pm. So don’t be late!) Many neighborhood kids are playing around. That’s how peaceful it is. And there’s a museum adjoining the park.

Open-Close9am-4:30pm(The houses only. The park is always open.)
Address5-10-5 Toro, Suruga-ku, Shizuoka-shi, Shizuoka-ken, Japan, 422-8033
AccessBus: JR Shizuoka Bus terminal South entrance @22, take #11 (Ishidakaido-line) , get off at "Toro-Iseki". It's the final destination. 190yen/adult, 100yen/child
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Tangible Cultural Properties

There are some old historical buildings registered as Tangible Cultural Properties in Shizuoka city including old Shizuoka city hall. They are not only old, but also beautiful. Please go and see with your eyes to convince yourself why they’ve been registered as Tangible Cultural Properties.

We have “Kiyomizu dera(temple)” in Shizuoka. It’s the temple in Kyoto, is it?? Yes, but there’s one in Shizuoka and it’s also one of the Tangible Cultural Properties! Find out more here!



 tangible cultural property,Cityhall,Spanish,old,Shizuoka,
This Spanish style architectural building was build in 1934! And it has been registered as a Tangible Cultural Property in 1996. On the left, you’ll see the new city right next to it. This one old is still used for city councils and a public gallery.

Shizuoka,Japan,cityhall,tangible cultural property,backward,

In front of the building, above the entrance, you’ll see Kanji writing saying “City hall of Shizuoka” in Japanese. But notice that it’s written backward! It’s usually written from left to right just like English. But this sign is written from right to left.

You can go inside during their office hours (usually on weekdays 8 to 5). The entrance part is beautiful. They have a huge doors leading to the entrance hall and stairs with beautiful stained glass at the landing.

Unfortunately, you cannot go up to the beautiful dome. But you can look at it from 360 degrees. Even though this is Spanish style architecture, you’ll see something Japanese inside and feel Showa era.

Address5-1 Oote-machi, Aoi-ku, Shizuoka-shi, Shizuoka-ken, Japan, 420 -0853
AccessApprox. 10 min walk from JR. Shizuoka station. Get out the North entrance of the station and go up to North on Miyukicho st., then it'll appear on your left.
NoteCity of Shizuoka Website


Shizuoka Bank is the biggest regional bank in Shizuoka. It’s been called as “Shizugin” by local people. Their branches are actually all over the country even outside of Shizuoka. They are one of the biggest regional banks in Japan.

Their head office is located at the end of Gofukucho street, right on the big inter section. And this building is also one of the Tangible Cultural Properties. You can easily tell why if you look at the building. It was built in 1931, and has registered as one in 1998.


At the entrance, they have a sing of “Shizuoka Bank” written in Kanji characters. Here, I’d like you to notice that they are also written backward from right to left, just like the one at the city hall above. It’s really a beautiful classic building with find designs.

Shizuoka Bank Head office
Open-Closed9am-3pm(only weekdays)
Address1-10 Gofuku-cho Aoi-ku, Shizuoka-shi, Shizuoka-ken, Japan 420-8760
AccessWalk: Go straight to North on Gofukucho street from the North entrance of JR. Shizuoka st.
NoteShizuoka bank English Website

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