Factory Tours

There are some unique factory tours that you can only experience in Shizuoka. And through those, you will find something new about Japan!

For the info about BANDAI (GANDAMU) Factory Tour, click here!

Did you know that Wasabi is a plant?(The green one on top of the sign in the pic.) And did you also know it’s one of the Shizuoka’s special products? and our production is No.1 in Japan? Those Wasabi you see next to your Sushi is grated Wasabi of its root. They grow either in the ground or in Wasabi farm which requires really clean, pure water from mountain stream. Yes, we have clean water. This tells you a lot about Shizuoka, I believe.

“Tamaruya” is one of the long established Wasabi manufactures in Shizuoka, and they’ve started this business in 1875. They offer you a “free factory tour”. As the sign says “step in”, just do so!



They’ll show you how they process Wasabi. And they have a special room where you can experience, with your body, the pungency of real fresh Wasabi! After the tour, there’s a store right next to the factory where you can buy and taste so many different kinds of Wasabi products! They have Wasabi ice cream, too!

TAMARUYA (Step in Tamaruya)
Open-Close9am-7pm(except Jan.1st)
Address34-20 Shimokawahara 5-chome, Suruga-ku, Shizuoka-shi, Shizuoka-ken, Japan, 421-0113
AccessTaxi: Approx. 15min from JR Shizuoka station.
Bus: JR Shizuoka Bus terminal @2, take #27 (Nakahara Ikegaya-line) , get off at "My home center mae". 350yen/adult, 180yen/child
NoteTamaruya Website