Sunpu Castle


Okay, this explains you pretty much about this castle. We sure did have the Sunpu castle, but nothing details are unknown. Unfortunately, the castle we have now has been “reconstructed“, so it’s no longer the originalThat’s the “surprise“! Yeah, we don’t have the castle any more…        

It’s been said and assumed that it looked something like this… However, what you gotta see here is those “stone walls“. Those have been here more than 400 years!! They are originals! It’s just so amazing to see how tightly arranged those stones are! Back then, I’m sure they didn’t have computers. Then how are those piled up neatly like this? And interesting thing is that each stone has different “engraved mark”. There are 135 different marks. By having those, they were able to distinguish where they should be piled up. 



Just a part of Sunpu castle…I wonder how it used to be…

There are the inner and outer moats. The original castle’s gone, but you can still see and feel from those stone walls and see how big the Sunup castle used to be. Now this area has been transformed into a park “Sunpu park” which has been loved by people in Shizuoka. Many festivals are held in this park. And in spring, people do “Ohanami”, cherry blossom viewing picnic.

Sunpu Castle
Open9am-4:30pm(Admission until 4pm)
ClosedMondays(or Tuesdays if the Monday is a national holiday), New years holidays(Dec. 29- Jan.3)
Address1-1 Sunpujyou kouen, Aoi-ku, Shizuoka-shi, Shizuoka-ken, Japan 420-0855
TelNo phone number. (Contact me for inquiries)
AccessApprox. 10 min walk from JR. Shizuoka station. Get out the North entrance of the station and go up to North on Miyukicho st., then at the first biggest intersection, turn right. You'll soon see the stone wall.
Admission Fee(Tatsumi yagura)200 yen / Adult(if group of over 30 people, 160yen/Adult)
50 yen / Child (if group of over 30 people, 160yen/Child)
NoteThe Sunpu park is open 24/7 and it's all free to enter. But if you'd like to go inside of the Tatsumiyagura, see the info above.
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