Come’n stay in Shizuoka and experience JAPAN!

Thank you for visiting my website. After you see all the contents about Shizuoka that I’m introducing here on this site, you probably want to plan a trip to Shizuoka, Japan! So, besides Mt.Fuji, what else comes to your mind when you think of Japan?

They should be all on the list below. Click on “YES!!!” for more information! (They’ll be updated over time. So make sure to bookmark this site!)

I’m going to introduce you what you can see and experience in Shizuoka. 

All you have to visit is Shizuoka in order to feel and experience Japan. We have pretty much everything! Since everything could be done in Shizuoka, you don’t have to move place to place in the country, and this could save you some money and time. Or just stop by on your way to Kyoto or Tokyo, Shizuoka is in the middle of Japan.

I hope you find this site helpful and realize that Shizuoka is the beautiful place to visit.

Let's see what we have in Shizuoka!
SushiYES!!!We are by the ocean! also have Wasabi!
Shrines/TemplesYES!!!So many beautiful Shrines/Temples are here in Shizuoka.
SakeYES!!!Local sake breweries are here. And we also have beer brewery, too!
RamenYES!!!You have so many options to choose from!
OnsenYES!!!Of course, we do!
KaraokeYES!!!Trust me, you can have tons of fun at Karaoke in Shizuoka!
Japanese GardensYES!!!
Green teaYES!!!That’s what we are famous for!
Cherry blossomsYES!!!Beautiful cherry blossoms are waiting for you every year!
CastlesYES!!!Is there really a castle in Shizuoka? Find out more!
AnimeYES!!!Bandai's factory is here!
I cannot accept any responsibility for troubles occurring between you and any of the facilities or places listed on this site. Yet, I would love to give you proper and helpful information for your trip. Please use this site for “your reference” when you plan a trip to Shizuoka. And if you contact me for inquiries, I can help you as far as I can.