Japanese Sweets

NANAYA -Maccha Ice cream (Greentea)-

You’d probably find some Green tea flavored ice cream in where you live now. But, is that real Green tea? It’s called “Maccha” in Japanese. Remember that Green tea is one of the Shizuoka’s specialties and here at NANAYA, they use our specialty, the “REAL MACCHA”. And NANAYA has the “strongest Maccha” in the world, according to the sign that is set at the store.

They have 7 different kinds of Maccha ice cream, in strength. The number goes up, the Maccha flavor gets stronger. You can see the differences in colors as well. The strongest Maccha ice cream actually cost a bit more than others. The pic on the left is No.6. It really does have real, strong, Maccha flavor.

greentea,shizuoka,maccha,greenteaicecream,gelato,nanaya,go2japan,japantirip,It is not artificial flavor. I’d like you to try Japanese, Shizuoka’s real Maccha ice cream and compare with the one you have tasted in where you live. Maccha is bitter, but these ice cream isn’t just bitter, it’s also got rich ice cream flavor as well! NANAYA also sells some real green tea products at the store.

Address2-3-1Ryogae-cho, Aoi-ku, Shizuoka-shi, Shizuoka-ken, Japan, 420-0032
AccessWalk: Get out JR Shizuoka station North entrance, walk straight to the north on Ryogaecho street. Turn left at the intersection where the street crosses Aoba street. It's on your right.


GASHO AN -Maccha sweets cafe-
Maccaha,greentea,kakigori,hojicha,roastedtea,gashoan,shizuoka,go2japan,japantrip,shavedice,japanesweets,GASHO AN is also run by a green tea company, Oyaizu shoten. So they serve and use real green tea for the products. GASHO AN is a cafe and store that sells sweets using green tea. Some people buy those sweets as gifts. I’m sure that you’ll find some nice gifts for your family or friends back home. Also the cafe is really nice. They serve green tea/tea sweets and foods there. It’s interesting that they have “green tea pasta”. Why don’t you try it? I tried some of their sweets.

During the summer time, they serve “Kakigori”, shaved ice. It was a tall parfait looking Kakigori. It has some “Maccha” green tea ice cream on top of the Kakigori, a little ball of “Anko”, red sweet bean paste, and their original “Mochi” sweets called “Marifuku”. Well, it was really really good!! If you love “Maccha” and sweet stuff, then why don’t you try this.
Also their “Houjicha Kakigori” was really good. Hojicha is roasted green tea, so it has full of roasting aroma. And very refreshing! This one also has a little ball of “Anko”. They also have green tea parfait and lots more of sweets and foods. Do check out their website.(link down below)
You might have to be in a line over the weekends since this place is very popular in Shizuoka.

Address1-47 7Cho-me, Chiyoda, Aoi-ku, Shizuoka-shi, Shizuoka-ken, Japan, 420-0803
AccessBus: Take #66 or 67 "Kodomo byoin line" at #5 from JR Shizuoka station. Get off at "Chiyoda", then it'll be about 20 min walk.


“Izakaya” is a type of casual restaurant where people go to eat and drink. It’s the one you go when you feel like drinking mostly. Their foods are relatively reasonable in general. Some places offer “all-you-can-drink (or eat)” menus at a reasonable price. But if you go to a nice Izakaya, it might not be the same. There are so many chain Izakaya restaurants all around!


This is not a “Izakaya” type of place. (if any of you from Aoi beer is reading this post, no offense! I just wanted to introduce you as one of Shizuoka’s popular beer place!!) But it’s a stylish and new type of beer stand.

“Aoi Beer” is Shizuoka’s local brand craft beer brewed at their own brewery, Aoi Brewing, which is the first brewery in Shizuoka city opened in 2014. And Aoi Beer Stand the standing bar run by them. The basis of their logo design is the family crest of Ieyasu Tokugawa who had chosen Shizuoka as his retreat after retirement of a general.

They have several different kinds of craft beer, pale, golden, Stout, Weizen and so on. They also sometime serve limited time kind.

So, their beer is only available in Shizuoka. Aoi Beer Stand is actually packed with people even on weekdays. There aren’t many space there, but make sure you grab a glass or two before you leave. This is something you can drink only in Shizuoka!! It’s located quite close from JR Shizuoka station.

Address1F Denbil, 4-6 Miyuki-cho, Aoi-ku, Shizuoka-shi, Shizuoka-ken, Japan, 420-0857
AccessWalk straight to the north from JR Shizuoka station on Miyukicho st. You'll see it on your left on corner of the first intersection.
NoteAoi Brewing Website

Inspiring Photos of Shizuoka


Shrines / Temples

[Shizuoka Gokoku Shrine]

Tangible Cultural Property

[Old city hall of Shizuoka]

[The Shizuoka Bank]


Discount Stores

Discount Stores

If you are shopping, it’s always better to shop at low-price. However, you still want the stuffs to be good value. Then try to shop at those Discount stores! We have some Discount Stores who carry stuffs from commodities to groceries! Spend less, and shop more!


 DonQuixote Shopping Shizuoka Japan Discount Store
As most of you have heard of a discount store called “Don Quixote”. This is one of the hottest shopping place for international tourists. One of the reasons for that could be they are duty-free store!

Inside of the store is like a maze. It doesn’t mean you get lost, but you get to find so many stuffs that catch your interests as you walk through the aisles. 

There is usually a Yakitori (chicken skewers) truck waiting outside at the Don Quixote in Shizuoka. That’s your first attraction (if you’re hungry). Then bicycles are very useful in Shizuoka area, so there are so many of them lining up and welcoming you at the entrance.

They would probably have everything you need. Make up stuff, clothes, electronics, video games, snacks, foods, drinks, car supplies…and what else? To find out what they really have, please actually visit one of the Don Quixote stores in Shizuoka! (lol) We have three of them.The map below is the one in our downtown area. The newest store is in the place called Yamazaki.

Address12-2 Konya-cho, Aoi-ku, Shizuoka-shi, Shizuoka-ken, Japan, 420-0852
AccessWalk straight on the Ryogae-cho st. to the North from JR Shizuoka st.
NoteDon Quixote Website


Maid Cafe

Maid cafe (Kissa) is really popular among some people, and even overseas, there are some countries that have Maid Cafes. “Akihabara” in Tokyo is the place where these Maid cafes were originally born at. But here in Shizuoka, you can also experience what it would like to be served by Maids!!

There is a Maid Cafe in Shizuoka city, on the edge of the downtown area. It’s located close from Cenova and 109. They have some cute and pretty maids (you can see their pics on their website.)
It is a cafe, so they serve drinks(non alcohol) and foods. Basically, you 90mins to stay there with 2,500yen. One drink is included. You get to do some Jyanken games with the maids. If you want a specific maid there, you get to pick one by paying extra 1,000yen for 15min.

They have Onigiri(rice balls), spaghetti, some original menus and desserts. Maid cafe’s been a part of Japanese subculture, so it might be a good experience to visit there, from the cultural learning point of view.

MAIDOLL(Maid Cafe)
Open-Close12pm-11pm(Closed on Tuesdays)
Address2F Riberute Hirano, 9-15 Tenma-cho, Aoi-ku, Shizuoka-shi, Shizuoka-ken, Japan, 420-0858
AccessWalking distance from Shi-Shizuoka st. or JR Shizuoka st.
NoteMaidoll Website

Pharmacies in Shizuoka


Some of you may wonder “Why pharmacies?” Well, they are the shops where you definitely want to go shopping. These drugs stores are really popular among international tourists! That’s why I’m introducing them here! In Shizuoka downtown area, we have “Matsumoto Kiyoshi“(Matsukiyo), “Sun Drug“, “Welcia” and “Daikoku Drug“. (They all are national chain stores.)  Just go to “Gofukucho street“, all of them are on this street! So it’s very convenient. At Japanese drug store, they of course have many different kinds of medicines, commodity goods, cosmetics, snacks, beverages, (some carry alcohol) and more!



“Matsukiyo” short for Matsumoto Kiyoshi is one of the popular pharmacies in Japan. I saw the sign of “Duty Free” there. There are some branch stores all over the town, and this store in the pic is the one right by Shin-Shimizu station. But I would recommend you to go to the one in Gofukucho because it’s bigger and there are some other pharmacies in that area.


Open-Close8:00am-9:00pm(Opens @10am on Sundays)
Address6-8 Gofuku-cho, 2chome, Aoi-ku, Shizuoka-shi, Shizuoka-ken, Japan, 420-0031
AccessJust walk straight to Gofukucho downtown area from the JR Shizuoka st. All the other pharmacies are there, too!




 This is actually my favorite one. SUN DRUG in Gofuku-cho area has actually two stores. One is specialized in cosmetics and girls stuff, and the other one has medicines and lots of commodities. Usually they are not categorized, and they are at one store. But I guess this one is special. “Duty Free” here, too.

Address2-4-1 Gofuku-cho, Aoi-ku, Shizuoka-shi, Shizuoka-ken, Japan, 420-0031
AccessJust walk straight to Gofukucho downtown area from the JR Shizuoka st. All the other pharmacies are there, too!