Japanese Sweets

NANAYA -Maccha Ice cream (Greentea)-

You’d probably find some Green tea flavored ice cream in where you live now. But, is that real Green tea? It’s called “Maccha” in Japanese. Remember that Green tea is one of the Shizuoka’s specialties and here at NANAYA, they use our specialty, the “REAL MACCHA”. And NANAYA has the “strongest Maccha” in the world, according to the sign that is set at the store.

They have 7 different kinds of Maccha ice cream, in strength. The number goes up, the Maccha flavor gets stronger. You can see the differences in colors as well. The strongest Maccha ice cream actually cost a bit more than others. The pic on the left is No.6. It really does have real, strong, Maccha flavor.

greentea,shizuoka,maccha,greenteaicecream,gelato,nanaya,go2japan,japantirip,It is not artificial flavor. I’d like you to try Japanese, Shizuoka’s real Maccha ice cream and compare with the one you have tasted in where you live. Maccha is bitter, but these ice cream isn’t just bitter, it’s also got rich ice cream flavor as well! NANAYA also sells some real green tea products at the store.

Address2-3-1Ryogae-cho, Aoi-ku, Shizuoka-shi, Shizuoka-ken, Japan, 420-0032
AccessWalk: Get out JR Shizuoka station North entrance, walk straight to the north on Ryogaecho street. Turn left at the intersection where the street crosses Aoba street. It's on your right.


GASHO AN -Maccha sweets cafe-
Maccaha,greentea,kakigori,hojicha,roastedtea,gashoan,shizuoka,go2japan,japantrip,shavedice,japanesweets,GASHO AN is also run by a green tea company, Oyaizu shoten. So they serve and use real green tea for the products. GASHO AN is a cafe and store that sells sweets using green tea. Some people buy those sweets as gifts. I’m sure that you’ll find some nice gifts for your family or friends back home. Also the cafe is really nice. They serve green tea/tea sweets and foods there. It’s interesting that they have “green tea pasta”. Why don’t you try it? I tried some of their sweets.

During the summer time, they serve “Kakigori”, shaved ice. It was a tall parfait looking Kakigori. It has some “Maccha” green tea ice cream on top of the Kakigori, a little ball of “Anko”, red sweet bean paste, and their original “Mochi” sweets called “Marifuku”. Well, it was really really good!! If you love “Maccha” and sweet stuff, then why don’t you try this.
Also their “Houjicha Kakigori” was really good. Hojicha is roasted green tea, so it has full of roasting aroma. And very refreshing! This one also has a little ball of “Anko”. They also have green tea parfait and lots more of sweets and foods. Do check out their website.(link down below)
You might have to be in a line over the weekends since this place is very popular in Shizuoka.

Address1-47 7Cho-me, Chiyoda, Aoi-ku, Shizuoka-shi, Shizuoka-ken, Japan, 420-0803
AccessBus: Take #66 or 67 "Kodomo byoin line" at #5 from JR Shizuoka station. Get off at "Chiyoda", then it'll be about 20 min walk.

No.1 Green Tea

Japanese Green Tea Shizuoka Cha-machi

It goes back to the “17th century” when green tea from Shizuoka were first offered to Edo Shugunate. Since then, more and more green tea dealers and wholesalers started their business in Chamachi area, in Shizuoka, which has built this “tea business area”, Cha-machi. And Cha-machi now is the “No.1 green tea wholesale business” area. Green tea from Shizuoka had been known as “Green tea for Shogun(generals)”. And they’ve started exporting them to the world in Meiji era. Still, green tea is our special product.


 Japanese greentea Cha-machi Shizuoka Japan
Cha means tea in Japanese. But in generally speaking, we mean “Green tea” by that. As I mentioned above, Cha-machi is an area of “green tea” business. It’s so interesting that you’ll see the signs of “Cha” all over in this area. Some places sell bags of green tea that you can buy, and some places serve you nice and excellent green tea. Those ones in the pic are just a part of them.

Try to find out how many “Cha” signs you can find in this area. It’s also interesting to stroll around this area, because most of the buildings are old. You can probably feel the history there. And, you will definitely “smell” good green tea aroma.

Open-CloseYou can always stroll around in this area. But most stores are probably open from 9am to 5pm during weekdays.
AddressChamachi, Aoi-ku, Shizuoka-shi, Shizuoka-420-0021420-0031
AccessWalk straight from Gofukucho, downtown area. It's located on the extension area of Gofukucho st.
NotePlease see this Map.