Why Shizuoka?


Shizuoka has tons of reasons why you should come and visit when you come to Japan. But, here’s 5 best reasons why I recommend you so much to come and visit Shizuoka.


The best place to view the most beautiful Mt.Fuji!

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A worshiping idol.

Yes, we do have Mt.Fuji. That makes Shizuoka famous internationally, and this can be a great reason why you should be visiting here! But what you want to see is the Mt.Fuji that most of you have seen in the magazines, TV, movies, or whatever it is. (Some of you might want to climb up the Mt.Fuji, then, you can! Shizuoka city is not too far.)

As most of you may know, Mt.Fuji is an active Stratovolcano. You’ll notice that it’s rocky and dark-gray-boring-looking mountain as you get closer. The beautiful Mt.Fuji most of you have seen is “seen from a distance”. From Shizuoka city, the view of Mt.Fuji is more beautiful than you would imagine!

In fact, Mihono Matsubara, a World Heritage site where you can view the most beautiful Mt.Fuji over the ocean, is in Shizuoka city. You’ve probably seen one of those “Ukioe”. And one of the views drawn as Ukioe, a series of Tokaido station, is actually the view from Shizuoka, Yui the16th station : (Travellers on a high cliff by the sea)

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Shizuoka has everything!

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Yeah, we have pretty much everything of what comes to your mind when you think of Japan, and you can experience them all in Shizuoka city!

What I mean by “everythinghere is also that we have great sceneries of nature, mountains and ocean, and yet, we also have a great cityscape! Some other places in Japan don’t have any ocean view because they are inland location, and some places that are excellent places to enjoy the nature but sometimes they are too country side.

We are not as big as Tokyo or Osaka, but we are just big enough to have everything you need. You don’t need to travel  place to place while you are in Japan. Our downtown area is fairly compact. You can see, feel, taste,  and experience JAPAN only in Shizuoka city

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Central of Japan. Average of Japan!

We are geographically located in the central of Japan. We are right between Tokyo and Nagoya. And the interesting thing is that a lot of leading companies choose Shizuoka to be the place for their “test marketing”. This tells you how we are everything of Japan and average of Japan.

If you come to Shizuoka, you can see and experience pretty much of Japan, I guarantee.  


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Excellent location!

139527As I mentioned above, we are geographically located in the middle of the main island of Japan, it’s always easy to get here from anywhere else. Most of you probably would fly into Tokyo. It only takes an hour from Tokyo by Shinkansen. And it also takes only an hour to Nagoya from here. And we do have Mt.Fuji international airport if you are coming from Asia. Or fly in from any other domestic airports.  


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We are the best!

I was born and raised in Shizuoka. (I once was attracted by the life in America, but) I am now still in Shizuoka! I strongly recommend everyone from outside of Japan to visit here. Those popular places, you can easily find in any guidebook of Japan, like Kyoto and Tokyo, are also great places to visit, but those places are too standard. When I travel abroad, I would more likely to see the ordinal life of the people who live there.

Yeah, it is good and fun to visit those famous historical sightseeing spots, but I believe that it’s more fun to see different sides of Japan. Yet, we do have historical places as well. Just come to this beautiful city, Shizuoka!!
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