JR Shizuoka Station(Train station & Bus terminal)

JR Shizuoka station (Train station & Bus terminal)

JR Shizuoka station is located in the middle of Shizuoka city. Here, you can get on JR local lines and JR Shinkansen. Also Shizutetsu bus terminal is in front of the station. They also have the “information center” right in front of the station(at the North entrance). The pic on the left is the entrance of it. They probably have some foreign language speakers there.

The station has an adjoining traditional shopping mall called “Parche”. This has been here since I was born, so it’s quite old.lol But they have a varieties of shops, restaurants, cafe, and so on. They have Uniquro, GU, 100yen shop, Starbucks, and shops like that. So it’s a great and convenient place to stop by on the way back to Tokyo or on the way to somewhere else in the country. 

The good thing about Shizuoka station is that it’s very simple, not complicated like Tokyo or Osaka station. The main entrances/exits are either North or South. There are only 2, so you can’ be lost! You’ll see the sign just like the one in the pic.

Also there are only “Tokaido” line as a local JR train or “Shinkansen”. So it shouldn’t be a trouble. Each lines have ticket counters to buy tickets. If you feel comfortable buying from a person (not from a machine), you can go to “Midorino madoguchi”. This ticket center is located between local train platform and Shinkansen platform. Here, you can purchase all the ticket for JR lines, even to Narita airport.

From the station, the downtown area where you can go shopping and have fun is very near, and underground walkways are connected to certain areas of downtown.

JR Shizuoka station(Parche)
Address50 Kurogane-cho, Aoi-ku, Shizuoka-shi, Shizuoka-ken, Japan 420-0851
AccessGet off at Shizuoka station, Tokaido line or Shinkansen.