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  • Our population of the city is over 700, 000 people. (It’s more than the city of Seattle, WA, US)
  • Total area of the city is about 1,411.90 km2 (545.14 sq mi), while the city of Seattle is 369.2 km2 (142.5 mi2))  



    • Shizutetsu Just-line BUS
      IMG_3489Shizutetsu bus runs all over Shizuoka city. There are two terminals, one is at “JR Shizuoka station” and the other one is at “Shin-Shizuoka station (Cenoba)”. If you take bus, you can travel all over our city. I put information about the bus you should take to get to the places introduced in this site!

How to Ride a Shizutetsu BUS
1. Get on the bus from the “back door”.
2. Take a “ticket” comes from the machine at the door.
3. Check the “price” next to the same number on your ticket on the screen above the front door.
4. Press the button (should be around you) in advance as the bus get closer to your destination.
5. Pay with “cash”, throw the money in the box next to the driver. It doesn’t give you change, so make sure to exchange using the machine next to the driver in advance.
6. Get off from the “front door”.


  • Shizutesu TRAIN
    This train is run by the same company that runs the bus above. The train goes between Shin-Shizuoka and Shin-Shimizu back and forth, so you don’t have to worry about complicated train changing like Tokyo or Osaka. Very simple! It has only 15 stops between Shizuoka and Shimizu.

How to Ride a Shizutetsu Train
1. Buy a ticket from the machine at the gate.(see the pic above)
2. Let the ticket gate suck your ticket. And go through the gate when it opens. (*Don’t forget to take your ticket coming back out from the gate.)
3. Make sure you wait on a right plate form.
4. Get on the train when the doors are open. (use any doors)
5. Get off at your destination when the doors open.
6. Let the ticket gate suck your ticket again. This time it doesn’t come back. So just go.;p


JR Trains
With JR trains you can transfer from the east to the west of Shizuoka city. We have 9 stations in the city. And the major ones are “JR Shizuoka station”, “JR Higashi Shizuoka station”, and “JR Shimizu station”. There’s only “Tokaido line” which actually go to farther to the east(Tokyo) and the west(Nagoya). How to ride the train is pretty much the same as Shizutetsu train above.

And “Shinkansen” (bullet trains) only stops at “JR Shizuoka station“. So you’ll probably be using”JR Shizuoka station“. quite often when you are coming here!

More info about “JR Shizuoka station“, click here!



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