Those of you who are interested in Japanese culture, you might have heard of the anime called “Chibimaruko-chan”. It’s a popular nationwide Manga series written and illustrated by Momoko Sakura, who has sadly passed away in 2018. It’s a simple but fun and heart warming story of her childhood. And where she was born and has grown up?

YES, in Shimizu-ku of Shizuoka-city!

It’s a story back in 80’s, so you can see how the ordinary life could be in Japan. Even though, the story is a bit out of date, people and kids love it because it’s just so ordinary and many parts of the stories could often be the cases in our real life. And “Chibimaruko-chan” has been running on TV anime nationwide since 1995! And I’m going to introduce some places to visit for “Chibimaruko-chan” fans!

Chibimarukochan land Chinese Japan Shizuoka Shimizu The “CHIBIMARUKO-CHAN LAND” is located in S-PULSE DREAM PLAZA. It’s a big amusement shopping mall, so you can actually shop and have fun there. I guess it’s really a popular place for people from overseas, so they have a sign written in Chinese. (I have no idea what it says though.)


At the “CHIBIMARUKO-CHAN LAND“, they reproduce her neighborhood town where Chibimaruko-chan lives. So they have her house, school, stores she goes to, park, and so on. There are must-take-photo places inside of this amusement area. So if you are big fan of Chibimaruko-chan, this is “gotta go” place!

Just outside of the “CHIBIMARUKO-CHAN LAND“, they have an area where you can buy souvenirs of Chibimaruko-chan products. Some of them are only found in Shizuoka area, so make sure to check them out! (I love the handkerchiefs, personally!)

There’s also a shrine, so you can just stop there and hope your trip to Shizuoka is going to be a great one! They also have a post where you can “actually” mail from. So buy a pretty post card of Chibimaruko-chan, then write a message to your friends back home and mail it from the pink post!

Chibimarukochan land S-PULSE dream plaza Shizuoka Shimizu Japan Manga Anime

Chibimarukochan land shimizu shizuoka Japan S-Pulse dreamplaza shrine

For location info, please go check out “S-PULSE DREAM PLAZA” page!

Open-Closed10am-8pm(no later than 7:30pm)
They're open all year long
Admission Fee600yen(anyone who are older than Jr.high student)
400yen(anyone who are younger than above)
Free under 2 years old.
Group of over 20 ppl discount is available.
NoteChibimarukochan land Website.


Chibimaruko-chan,ulityhole,specialutilityhole,Shizuoka,Cenova,manhole,maruchan,SakuraMomoko,This is such a special “Chibimaruko-chan” utility hole that can be found in somewhere in Shizuoka city! It was donated by Momoko Sakura who is the author of Chibimaruko-chan anime. There are actually 2 of utility holes with different illustration on each one in Shizuoka city. This one is placed in Aoi-ku, Shizuoka city. And the other one can be found in Shimizu-ku. You could find this one somewhere near “Cenova” shopping mall! It’s really close from there. When you come out from the main entrance of “Cenova“, cross the street, then you should carefully walk on this stone pavement. You will fin it at your feet!!

Maid Cafe

Maid cafe (Kissa) is really popular among some people, and even overseas, there are some countries that have Maid Cafes. “Akihabara” in Tokyo is the place where these Maid cafes were originally born at. But here in Shizuoka, you can also experience what it would like to be served by Maids!!

There is a Maid Cafe in Shizuoka city, on the edge of the downtown area. It’s located close from Cenova and 109. They have some cute and pretty maids (you can see their pics on their website.)
It is a cafe, so they serve drinks(non alcohol) and foods. Basically, you 90mins to stay there with 2,500yen. One drink is included. You get to do some Jyanken games with the maids. If you want a specific maid there, you get to pick one by paying extra 1,000yen for 15min.

They have Onigiri(rice balls), spaghetti, some original menus and desserts. Maid cafe’s been a part of Japanese subculture, so it might be a good experience to visit there, from the cultural learning point of view.

MAIDOLL(Maid Cafe)
Open-Close12pm-11pm(Closed on Tuesdays)
Address2F Riberute Hirano, 9-15 Tenma-cho, Aoi-ku, Shizuoka-shi, Shizuoka-ken, Japan, 420-0858
AccessWalking distance from Shi-Shizuoka st. or JR Shizuoka st.
NoteMaidoll Website